Ecology resources for students: Part 1

Good afternoon!

I’m back with another set of bookmarks for students and teachers. Because I’ve taught the IB Environmental systems and societies course for several years, this set of online resources is closest to my heart. Some of these links are here simply because I think they’re cool or fun. Many may also be applicable for studying biology and chemistry as well. Let’s get to it:

Happy learning!


Mr K

One response to “Ecology resources for students: Part 1

  1. Thank You!!! I am sitting here in Lynwood, CA (close to Compton CA) at MA Firebaugh High, and someone showed me your site and I am delighted!!! Both because of your excellent work and your excellent attitude, but also because my fondness for Kinshasa. I will show your site to my friend Laurie who went to TASOK (I believe it is a Mennonite boarding school) as a child of a Mission Aviation Fellowship pilot in Kinshasa in the 70’s.
    Good luck on a good school year.

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