Below is a list of the bird species I’ve encountered and been able to positively identify during some of my travels throughout Tanzania and Europe. I’m not an expert birder by any stretch of the imagination, but I do enjoy observing, identifying, and learning about the birds I see.

I don’t have a fancy camera with a zoom lens (yet), so all identification is done in the field in real time using Bushnell 8×32 binoculars and my field guides. I also use the Merlin Bird ID app for iOS by Cornell and the iNaturalist iOS app for cross-referencing. English common and Latin names provided here are based on the following field guides:

  1. Birds of East Africa, by Terry Stevenson and John Fanshawe, Christopher Helm Publishing, 2013
  2. Ber van Perlo’s A Field Guide to the Birds of East Africa, HarperCollins Publishers, 2009. It is my understanding that some of the names have changed since publication of van Perlo’s guide in 2009, so I have included the updated names from Stevenson and Fanshawe when possible.
  3. Birds of Europe, 2nd ed., by Lars Svensson. Translated by David Christie and Lars Svensson. Princeton University Press, 2009.

For additional information and resources regarding the wonderful birdlife found in East AFrica, please consult Neil Baker’s superb Tanzania Bird Atlas as well as If you’ve got the time and a good ear, you can check out common birdsongs from East Africa at the xeno-canto website, which is an immense database of recordings from all over the planet.


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