This page is a gateway to the resources I have curated for the various integrated MYP science classes I teach.

Science is the process by which we learn how our world works. We call this process “the scientific method”. It involves asking questions, generating hypotheses (making predictions), designing investigations to test those hypotheses, collecting and analyzing data, and evaluating the results and the procedure to reach conclusions about our hypotheses. The presentation embedded below shows how the scientific method is applied within the context of my MYP science classes.

You’ll find almost all the resources you need for MYP general sciences on their respective pages: astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science and ecology, and physics. I’ve tried to make navigation through the notes, videos, homework, and summative tasks as easy as possible by extensively hyperlinking within the “official class notes” presentations shared through Google Drive and Google Classroom. If you’re visiting this site from a school other than where I teach, you may not be able to navigate through all those hyperlinks.

Below you’ll find scoring rubrics for all 4 assessment criteria in MYP sciences. The rubrics are intended for MYP years 4 & 5 but may easily be scaled for MYP years 1 to 3.

Criterion A: Knowing and understanding

MYP Criterion A assesses students’ ability to explain scientific concepts, solve problems, and evaluate information.

Criterion B: Inquiring and designing

MYP Criterion B assesses students’ ability to design scientific investigations. It’s about explaining the question, developing testable hypotheses, changing and measuring variables, and designing safe, logical methods using appropriate materials and equipment.

Criterion C: Processing and evaluating

MYP Criterion C assesses students’ ability to evaluate an investigation and reach a conclusion based on its results. It’s about collecting, organizing, and presenting data reliably, interpreting the results, and evaluating the investigation to determine how it could be improved or extended.

Criterion D: Reflecting on the impacts of science

MYP Criterion D assesses students’ ability to examine and evaluate how scientific innovations shape our planet and our society.