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Chili Pepper Homework Menu for Evolution


Quizlet Vocabulary Sets and Other Evolution Resources

  • Quizlet study set: Evolution 1
  • Quizlet study set: Evolution 2
  • PBS Interactive Evolution Lab Build understanding of the links between evolution, paleontology, and genetics through interactive cladograms (this one is *really* good)
  • Don’t let bunnies take over the world! An excellent interactive simulation of natural selection from PhET, which allows you to examine the relationship between alleles, dominance, environments, and survivorship. The embedded activity sheet below turns this simulation into a virtual lab.
  • Understanding Evolution at the University of California – Berkeley. Densely packed with information and thoroughly researched. I use this site as a main reference for my evolution units. The site has been around a long time and is showing its age, but it’s still highly useful.


Evolution and Natural Selection Videos