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I’ve created this site for my students as well as teachers and learners of science around the world. My intention is to share engaging content-specific resources as well as general guidance for science learning and scientific communication. The tabs across the top of the page take you to pages dedicated to IB Biology, IB Environmental Systems and Societies, and MYP Integrated Sciences. Much of the content on those pages also applies to science classes which are not a part of the International Baccalaureate Organization structure, though the assessment criteria are specific to the IBO’s Diploma Program and the Middle Years Program.

Below, you’ll find a few resources which I think are some of the most valuable for my students, and which I want them to come back to regularly. This is where you’ll find guidance on writing lab reports, creating data tables and graphs for data analysis, and developing presentations to effectively communicate about science. You’ll also find a list of digital resources for science, which I update regularly as I unearth new tools that I think will benefit students’ learning, as well as previous blog entries (from the days when I had more time to write).

How to Write MYP Science Reports

How to Create Scientific Tables and Graphs

How to Effectively Communicate Scientific Knowledge

Digital Resources for Science

Happy learning!

Mr K

4 responses to “Welcome!

  1. mojdeh Niyousha

    thank you so much for sharing these wonderful ideas and slides and clip …..

  2. Thanks so much Mr Kremmer. I am getting ready to tach ESS next year for the first time. Am in the process of writing the course outline. Have yet to do my CAT 1 workshop for it. So I am a little rudderless right now. Your website gives me some direction. Could I use the material you have posted here in my CO? Any other suggestion you may have for beginner are more than welcome.

  3. Also are the labs you’ve posted aligned with the expectations of the new syllabus? Could I use these in my class?

  4. The labs I’ve posted align with the new syllabus, but you should always adjust and tinker to ensure they are locally relevant and appropriate for your situation.

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