How to use this site

Due to some unfortunate technological issues, I’ve had to reformat my entire science website. It my sincerest hope that I will shortly be updating this site so that it is as relevant and informative as past versions.

Looking for your class? Follow the menu headings at the top of the page for class-specific blogs. I’ve got a page for my IB Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) class, another for the new Science Writers’ Workshop (SWW) at the International School of Tanganyika, another for my IBMYP grade 9 integrated science class (Grade 9), and a page to let you know a little more about my teaching practice (About Mr K).

Each class has links to a course overview and syllabus, assessment calendars, assignment rubrics, and a plethora of online resources I’ve screened to make sure they’re relevant to the topics we study in class as well as age-appropriate for my students.

The syllabus outlines the rules and expectations, grading policies, units of study, and protocols for each class I teach.

Google calendars show what we’re doing in each class on a given day, as well as all the major assessments – projects, tests, and other ‘large’ assignments – in all subjects for the same grade. These calendars help students and teachers schedule work so that no one gets overwhelmed with everything due at the same time.

Assignment rubrics show the general MYP assessment criteria used throughout the grade 9 course on all assignments. Every graded assignment in MYP science is assessed under one or more of 6 different criteria, which measure students’ skills in certain areas of science. Instructions for each assignment always include the criteria used for assessment.

Other online resources may include worksheets from teachers at other schools, YouTube videos, Flash animations, news articles, data tables, infographics, or just about anything else available on the web today. The only criteria I use here are that 1) the resource must be directly relevant to what we’re studying in class, and 2) the resource must be scientifically accurate.

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