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What’s your environmental viewpoint?

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As we discussed in class the other day, people around the world have vastly different perspectives on the range of environmental issues in the news. Their viewpoints are influenced primarily by their culture, religion, socioeconomic status, and media consumed. In other words, life experience shapes how people perceive the world.

In this new assignment, you will prepare and present a 5-minute speech outlining and justifying your own personal environmental perspective. You should outline the influences (inputs) which have helped shape your perspective. You should also place yourself somewhere along the ecocentric-anthropocentric-technocentric spectrum, as well as your position as a cornucopian, an environmental manager, a self-reliant soft ecologist, or a deep ecologist.

Click here for the EVS Speech Rubric. Speeches will be presented (and filmed) in class on Tuesday 10 September, so be prepared! If you want to make a presentation for your speech, remember these 2 rules:

  1. Rule of 6’s (max. 6 words per line, max. 6 lines per slide)
  2. 10-20-30 Rule (max. 10 minutes, max. 20 slides, min. 30-point font)

AAANNND, click through this presentation for inspiration:

Please remember: THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWER! It’s not what you think, it’s why you think the way you do.


Environmental Value Systems

Here are the video and both presentations from today’s lesson. The notes we viewed can be found on the Topic 7 page under the ESS tab of my home page.