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I usually love living in Tanzania, but today has been challenging…

Normally, I love living in Tanzania, surrounded by friendly people, amazing coasts, and almost unrivaled biodiversity. But a story recently published by The Guardian really saddens me.

The short and dirty version (and it’s a pretty dirty story, in my opinion) is that the Tanzanian government wants to sell a massive chunk of land near Serengeti National Park to the royal family of Dubai for their use as a personal hunting ground. The government claims the land will be a ‘wildlife corridor’, but President Kikwete’s representatives have told the Maasai – who have lived and died in the designated part of Tanzania for hundreds of years – that they must leave their land by the end of the year.

Tanzania is offering the Maasai $578,000 in total for the 370,000 acres (150,000 hectares) as compensation. That’s about one Pound Sterling per acre, split among the 40,000 people living there. And the government proposes to funnel the payment through ‘development projects’ instead of direct reimbursement! More bluntly: about US$14 per person for getting kicked off their land.

This same scheme was theoretically halted after large protests and a lot of international media attention last year, but the governing party seems intent on seeing it through. Considering the recent news of government officials’ knowing participation in, and even encouragement of, illegal poaching, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this plot become a staging ground for ivory exports on a massive scale.

If you haven’t heard about this issue before now, I’m hopeful that maybe the renewed public interest will put a halt to this process. But I doubt it.

ESS Test – Mark Scheme Published

Below is the recent test on ESS Topics 1, 7, and 2.1 – 2.3. The original test and the mark scheme are included as a single document and consist of real IB questions from past papers.

The red ovals highlight the key words in the questions, and the blue rectangles identify the parts of the responses which earn marks from the examiners. Please use this test as a study guide for future tests, such as this year’s final exam and next year’s mock exam.

What’s your environmental viewpoint?

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 08.59.27

(Image source: http://psychoanalysis.cz)

As we discussed in class the other day, people around the world have vastly different perspectives on the range of environmental issues in the news. Their viewpoints are influenced primarily by their culture, religion, socioeconomic status, and media consumed. In other words, life experience shapes how people perceive the world.

In this new assignment, you will prepare and present a 5-minute speech outlining and justifying your own personal environmental perspective. You should outline the influences (inputs) which have helped shape your perspective. You should also place yourself somewhere along the ecocentric-anthropocentric-technocentric spectrum, as well as your position as a cornucopian, an environmental manager, a self-reliant soft ecologist, or a deep ecologist.

Click here for the EVS Speech Rubric. Speeches will be presented (and filmed) in class on Tuesday 10 September, so be prepared! If you want to make a presentation for your speech, remember these 2 rules:

  1. Rule of 6’s (max. 6 words per line, max. 6 lines per slide)
  2. 10-20-30 Rule (max. 10 minutes, max. 20 slides, min. 30-point font)

AAANNND, click through this presentation for inspiration:

Please remember: THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWER! It’s not what you think, it’s why you think the way you do.


Environmental Value Systems

Here are the video and both presentations from today’s lesson. The notes we viewed can be found on the Topic 7 page under the ESS tab of my home page.