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Astronomy resources for students

Good morning!

Today I’m doing a little site maintenance, incorporating as many digital resources as possible into the various science pages on my website. The resources include simulations, videos, and activities created by other teachers and educational institutions. Instead of linking this blog post to a bunch of bookmarks I’ve saved over the years, I’ll just suggest that you check out my astronomy page under the “Sciences” tab on my homepage.

Among the many dozens of resources I’ve added, I think you’ll find something educational, engaging, and entertaining for a wide range of audiences.

Happy learning!


Curiosity Water Discovery on Mars

Image credit: NASA/JPL-CalTech

Image credit: NASA/JPL-CalTech

Mars has always fascinated humans, and continues to do so. Here’s a little tidbit about our red neighbor, courtesy of NASA and the BBC:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-24287207