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Human Impact on Ocean Fisheries

Cod fisherman with their haul, courtesy of Wikipedia.

Cod fisherman with their haul, courtesy of Wikipedia.

The article linked below outlines the impact of human population growth on global marine fisheries. It has been well-established through scientific research that as people become wealthier, they consume more protein. And as Earth’s human population continues to grow, the pressure on fisheries becomes two-fold: not only are there more people fishing (population growth), but those people are becoming wealthier (economic growth) and eating more seafood per person. This article ties in brilliantly to ESS Topic 3 – Human Populations, Resource Use, and Carrying Capacity.

Click here for the full article.


Putting All The World’s Water Into One Big Box

I was researching something about evolution for one of my grade 9 classes the other day when I stumbled across this series of infographics about water resources. We’ve just begun our exploration of Topic 2 – Ecosystems, but these infographics do a really nice job of putting the amount of water on our planet into perspective. You can click on this link for the original post at waitbutwhy.com.

We will revisit these images when we dive into Topic 3, Subtopic 3.6 – Water Resources (‘dive in’ – get it? haha!), but they’re worth a read now. You’ll need to know some of these numbers for your IB Exam!