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ESS Test – Mark Scheme Published

Below is the recent test on ESS Topics 1, 7, and 2.1 – 2.3. The original test and the mark scheme are included as a single document and consist of real IB questions from past papers.

The red ovals highlight the key words in the questions, and the blue rectangles identify the parts of the responses which earn marks from the examiners. Please use this test as a study guide for future tests, such as this year’s final exam and next year’s mock exam.


Abiotic Factors at IST

IST science garden - south side

IST science garden – south side

We’ve spent the past few lessons working in the garden outside the science building, and you should have collected enough data at this point to reliably determine a correlation – or lack thereof – between 2 different abiotic factors in that space. Below you’ll find a PDF map I created of the garden space. Please note that this version is an unfinished draft. I will complete the final version while I’m in Jordan next week for the Model UN conference. You can download a PDF version of the garden map here. And of course, please make sure you’re following the instructions in the Google doc I shared with all of you!

Good luck, and remember that you must upload a PDF version of your full lab by midnight on Tuesday 29 October 2013! The class ID at Turnitin.com is 6700442, and the password is ‘science’.