MYP Science 10

Welcome to Mr Kremer’s MYP grade 10 integrated science page! You can find all the resources you need for grade 10 science here.

Start with the 2015-2016 syllabus to get an overview of how my class is organized. In the MYP, all summative tasks – the ones that count for grades – are assessed against a set of skills, from explaining scientific knowledge (Criterion A) to planning and carrying out scientific experiments (Criteria B and C) to considering the real-world implications of the scientific concepts we learn in class (Criterion D). You can find the scoring rubrics below the syllabus.

Following the syllabus and the rubrics, I’ve embedded the shared Google Slides presentations we use as official class notes, so that you can find everything you need in one place. The presentations are also shared via Google Classroom, which means you can access them through your school email account. Additionally, all unit presentations are embedded on the school’s Moodle page, so that it’s virtually impossible to lose anything for my classes! (Insert evil laughter here.)

Remember that these presentations are updated daily as we navigate through our units of study. That means the version you see on this page might be a little bit different from what you saw in class – additional slides may have been added, questions may be rearranged, new images or videos may be included to boost your understanding. Not to worry: the final version of each presentation will be published at least one week prior to every unit test.

Please find me or email me with questions if you’re lost or confused!

Resources for MYP Year 5 integrated science

Science 10 (MYP Year 5) Units of Study