Topic 7 – Environmental Value Systems

What price would you pay for oxygen? (Image credit:

What price would you pay for oxygen? (Image credit:

In Topic 7 we will examine and evaluate the different ways that people around the world perceive environmental issues. Those perceptions are based on life experiences, socioeconomic levels, religion, culture, media exposure, and other inputs. Outputs of environmental value systems are the choices and actions people take. We will survey different populations within our community regarding the environmental values present there, and we will critically evaluate our own values and the reasons behind them.

Chapters 1 and 2 of the ESS Course Companion correspond with the material in Topic 7.

Objectives (Students will be able to…)

  • Outline ecocentric, anthropocentric, and technocentric environmental philosophies, and discuss their influence on decision-making processes with respect to issues covered in this course.
  • Outline historical events influencing the development of the modern environmental movement.
  • Compare and contrast the environmental value systems of two named societies.
  • Justify a personal viewpoint on environmental issues.

 Resources and Notes

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