Topic 5 – Pollution Management

In topic 5 we will investigate the primary sources of air, water, and soil pollution, with a heavy emphasis on pollution in the Dar es Salaam area. You will learn about the causes of various types of pollution, monitoring the impact of various pollutants, and evaluating strategies for mitigating (reducing) those impacts on ecosystems.

Chapter 15 of the ESS Course Companion corresponds with the material in Topic 5, with some overlap in Chapter 7, which also relates to Topic 6 – Global Warming.

Objectives (Students will be able to…)

  • Distinguish between point source and non-point source pollution, stating their major sources and outlining the challenges they present for management.
  • Describe and explain both direct and indirect methods of monitoring pollution in air, soil, and water.
  • Outline approaches to pollution management and discuss the human factors that affect them by evaluating the costs and benefits of different approaches.
  • Outline and evaluate the processes and impacts of eutrophication as it relates to pollution management strategies.
  • Outline, describe and evaluate pollution management strategies for different types of solid domestic (municipal) waste.
  • Describe the role of atmospheric ozone, including its interaction with ultraviolet radiation and halogenated organic gases.
  • State the source and outline the effects of ground-level (tropospheric) ozone and smog, and evaluate the effectiveness of strategies to reduce urban air pollution.
  • Outline the chemistry leading to the formation of acid rain, its effects on soil, water and living organisms, and strategies aimed at its reduction.

 Resources and Notes

Of Interest…

  • I’ll post relevant tidbits here as I uncover them.
  • Keep checking back! I’ll continue to add more.

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