Internal Assessments

This page is where you’ll find all the information you need for the Internal Assessments we carry out in ESS. I’ve added several files here, which will help guide your development of future IA’s. The most important one you need is the ESS IA Rubric, which is always the same for all IA’s conducted in ESS.

You should plan on having at least on full IA for each of the 7 ESS topics covered in the course syllabus. Below is a list of past IA’s for ESS. We may conduct some of these, we may skip some of them, and I am likely to add some others to the mix in order to keep things fresh for myself and for you students.

PLEASE email me or see me after class anytime you have a question about an IA you’ve been assigned, and do it early. The Internal Assessments are far too important for your grade to let them slide until the last minute.