Big News!

Greetings from Madrid!

I’m writing with some big news – my family got an early Christmas present when our son Aaron was born 7 weeks prematurely on Wednesday the 18th of November. I’ve attached a picture because that’s what all proud new parents do. Because he was so early, he can’t leave the intensive care unit for a couple more weeks, which means I won’t be back in Dar es Salaam until after the December break.

2015-12-08 10.16.16

Owner’s manual sold separately!

Since I will be gone, you will have to work independently to finish the summative tasks you have before the break:

  • DP Biology: Topic 5 quizzes and summative unit test
  • Science 10: Genius Hour for Chemistry, the Cola Lab B, and the Conservation of Mass Lab C
  • Science 8: The Heavy Metals essay for chemistry and the summative chemistry unit test

I’ve given written instructions to the school administration and my co-department head, which should also be in my room with your cover teachers. In case that doesn’t happen for some reason, I will also try to send lesson-by-lesson instructions through Google Classroom, so that you know from me what my expectations are for each lesson between now and the break. The plan still follows the calendar I gave you in class last week.

Mr K

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