Welcome to the grade 9 chemistry unit!

We’re wrapping up the biology sequence this week as you put the finishing touches on your photosynthesis investigations and I grade the unit tests. That means it’s time to roll out the next big thing from our syllabus – the chemistry unit!

There are 3 key concepts I want you to master in this new unit:

  1. Matter is neither created nor destroyed.
  2. Chemistry is just rearranging matter in different patterns.
  3. The periodic table is based on patterns of energy and particle arrangement.

To get you started, I’ve embedded a PDF version of the master vocabulary list below. I’ve also shared it with you as a view-only Google doc, embedded it in the class Moodle page, and created a link to it on my grade 9 chemistry page on this site. That means you should have no trouble finding it. It also means I think these words are pretty darn important, and that I want you to take the time to thoroughly review and learn all of them.

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