MYP Science Grades

Many students and families find the grading system in the MYP to be rather confusing. It my intention to make it as easy to understand as possible with the following explanation.

Achievement Grades

Grades in MYP science are assessed under 6 different criteria: (You may download the rubrics by clicking on the link after each descriptor.)

  1. One World (Criterion A) – How science is used by people, and its impact on society. Criterion A Rubric – MYP Science
  2. Communication (Criterion B) – Using scientific vocabulary, communicating effectively, and documenting sources. Criterion B Rubric – MYP Science
  3. Scientific Knowledge and Understanding (Criterion C) – Explaining concepts and solving problems. Criterion C Rubric – MYP Science
  4. Scientific Enquiry (Criterion D) – Designing and conducting scientific experiments. Criterion D Rubric – MYP Science
  5. Processing Data (Criterion E) – Creating data tables and graphs, analyzing experimental results, and evaluating experimental methods. Criterion E Rubric – MYP Science
  6. Attitudes in Science (Criterion F) – Using equipment competently and safely, collaborating with peers, and maintaining a clean laboratory. Criterion F Rubric – MYP Science

Each criterion is worth a maximum of 6 marks per term. Your highest consistently-achieved level in each criterion is added to your highest marks in the other criteria to determine the total earned marks for the term. The total earned marks are compared to the grading scale below to determine your overall MYP science grade, which is reported on a scale of 1 – 7 on the report card.

  • 33 – 36 marks = 7 = Excellent. You always produce work which exceeds expectations of all criteria.
  • 29 – 32 marks = 6 = Very Good. You always produce work of a high quality which exceeds most but not all criteria expectations.
  • 25 – 28 marks = 5 = Good. You usually produce work of a high quality which meets or exceeds all criteria expectations.
  • 19 – 24 marks = 4 = Satisfactory. You generally produce work which meets but does not exceed all criteria expectations. This is the lowest passing grade!
  • 12 – 18 marks = 3 = Mediocre. You produce work which meets some criteria expectations but not all of them. Your work needs significant improvement in at least one area.
  • 6 – 11 marks = 2 = Fair. You produce work which generally does not meet the expectations of most assessment criteria. Significant improvement is needed in most areas.
  • 0 – 5 marks = 1 = Poor. You produce little or no work at all, or the work meets few if any expectations of all criteria. Significant improvement is needed in all areas of science.

Effort Grades

Your effort grades are determined by your attendance and participation, completion of homework, quality of work in general, collaboration in group work, and attitude toward others. If you’re not meeting my behavior and/or academic expectations, a mid-term effort review will be sent home to your family with recommended strategies for improving your performance. Effort grades are scored on a scale from 1 – 7, and like academic grades, a *4* is the minimum passing grade!


You will have science homework on most nights, but not necessarily every night. It may be as simple as finishing work we started in that day’s class, or you may have to watch a video or animation and complete an assignment. I will check homework for completion at the start of each lesson when it is due. I am looking for evidence that you attempted to complete all the work. If some part of the assignment is confusing, or if you get stuck, you can’t just leave it blank – you need to write something describing the problem so that I know what to do to help you figure it out!

Each homework not completed before class begins will result in a 1-point drop in your effort grade for the term. That means your effort grade will be a maximum of *3* if you don’t finish 4 homework assignments in a term!

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